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Wer wird gewinnen?
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Additional benefits

To offer you a most pleasant holiday in Oberstdorf and at the Hotel Mohren, we prepared some additional benefits for our guests. Enjoy your stay and profit by some very attractive bonuses.

Mountain railways an ski lifts

Did you notice how lovely and impressive at the same time the mountains around Oberstdorf are? As the most southern town of Germany Oberstdorf offers a lot of labeled hiking routes. The mountains around Oberstdorf are furthermore the biggest skiing area of Germany.

During your stay in Oberstdorf you should discover the mountains anyway: by hiking in the summer or by skiing in the winter. In summer you are expected by more than 200 kilometres labeled hiking routes in 3 different altitudes. The skiing area Oberstdorf provides more than 120 kilometres optimally primed slopes and Germany's longest downhill.

To facilitate your way to the mountain peak, the railways of the mountains Nebelhorn, Fellhorn/Kanzelwand, Söllereck, Walmendingerhorn and Ifen are at work all the year round.

And to safe your money during the holiday for the really important things: As a guest of the Hotel Mohren you benefit from the daily free rides with the mountain rialways of Nebelhorn, Fellhorn/Kanzelwand, Söllereck, Walmendingerhorn and Ifen.

The Hotel Tannhof Special: Feel free to pack your lunch box from the breakfast buffet. Fill ist with fresh fruits, some bread and cheese or ham and a drink for the day. If you have no own backpack for your hiking tour, you can rent one from the hotel of course.

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