Wer ist der Erste
Wer ist der Erste
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Summertime is outdoortime in the mountains. In the summer months our guest love to go hiking, mountainbiking, swimming or are just relaxing in the sun. Here are some suggestions how to spend an active, a relaxing or just a funny summertime in Oberstdorf.

Hiking and mountain railways

Oberstdorf and it's surrounding villages provide a network of more than 200 kilometers labeled hiking trails in three different altitudes. Thus, there are paths for beginners and for skilled alpinists.

The mountains around Oberstdorf are unique. Here are some examples: There ist the so called "flower mountain" Fellhorn, where you can admire the blooming period of the deepred Alpine rose. The Mountain Nebelhorn provides a gigantic panoramic view overlooking 400 summits. The Söllereck is our family mountain; the paths are plane and the slopes are easy.


Oberstdorf is a real eldorado for people who enjoy bike riding as well as for biking freaks. Both, beginners and experienced mountain bikers will have a great time. The routes and trails in our stunning mountain region offer something for everyone.

It is also possible to a rent a bike here in Oberstdorf. A lot of bike shops offer a large variety of bike types.

It's a new way to explore the mountains by bike instead of going on a hike. It's also a lot of fun, to go by bike to the very small villages around Oberstdorf.

Bathing in a lake

It's a lot of fun to go swimming in summer and just relax at a lake in the sun. Besides, having a bath in a mountain lake is a special experience.

To enjoy a special place to relax, visit the Oberstdorf mud bath "Moorweiher". There you can find a beautiful sunbathing area, a Kneipp water-treading basin and a playground for the kids.

The lake "Freibergsee" is the largest highmountains lake in the Allgäu. It's a very beautiful lake where you can enjoy a uniqe view over the mountains.

Cattle splitting in Oberstdorf - Viehscheid

Return of the cattle from the alpine meadows in September: All summer the cattle graze the mountains of Oberstdorf and in autumn it is led down to the village and it's owners.

On this "farmers’ holiday" – provided everything has gone well and no cow is seriously injured - the cows are washed and decorated and everything is prepared for their homecoming. The most beautiful cow is the so-called "Kranzrind" which is decorated with a luxurious head decoration of flowers and mirrors.

In Oberstdorf this event takes places every year on the 13th of september. Just come and experience a special atmosphere!